CELCOM – how I hate you so!!!

2002, I saw an advertisement of TM Net TM touch (now CELCOM) promotion. Registration is free and first RM50 bill was FREE. Basically, you don’t need to pay a cent and they only charge starting from the 2nd month. My friend went to register and she enjoyed the 1st RM50 talk time for FREE.

Since I wanted to get myself a mobile phone so I thought it was a good deal and sign up with TM Net through their agent at Lower ground floor, BCB PLAZA, KLUANG. After filling in the forms and all the necessary procedures, the agent told me that I NEED TO PAY RM50 IN ADVANCE. This is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT I SAW ON ADVERTISEMENT !!! Therefore I refuse ON THE SPOT and I DID NOT TAKE THE SIM CARD.

The stupid f*cking CELCOM agent then abuse my IC and information.

I didn’t know until I started to receive bills every month. I was shock but I didn’t bother about that at 1st. I thought they might stop sending bills once they found out I am not an ACTIVE USER (since I don’t even have the SIM card).

After a year, I started to get legal letter from CELCOM. And I went to their service centre to file a complaint. They told me that I need to go to police station to make a report and get a ‘surat sumpah’ from court. I then went to Kajang Police Station to make a report. After telling them my story, I heard the policewomen told her fellow collegues said “Aduan CELCOM lagi…” and they already had a template for CELCOM customer IC abuse report!!! It sounds like I am NOT THE ONLY VICTIM OF CELCOM.

After getting the police report and surat sumpah, I BROUGHT BACK TO CELCOM SERVICE CENTRE AT SG CHUA personally and hand in over to them. Since then, no more bills and lawyer letter sent to me. Automatically, I thought it was “case close”.

BUT !!!! It is NOT OVER!!!

I just found out this morning that I was BLACK LISTED among telco companies coz I STILL OWE CELCOM RM 304.88!!!!

WTF!!! I settle everything few years ago!

I went back and check again with CELCOM SG CHUA branch. They told me I HAVEN’T settle the bill. I told them I handed over police report and surat sumpah few years ago in the same branch. After checking the system, they told me the police report and surat sumpah was NOT IN THEIR SYSTEM!

WTF!!! I need to go through everything AGAIN and make police report AGAIN for the same old STUPID reason. How can my police report and surat sumpah not in the system if I stop receiving bills and letter?

I am really pissed off with STUPID CELCOM.

First, the dishonest and f*cking CELCOM agent who abuse my IC and details.

Second, the brainless and irresponsible CELCOM worker who DID NOT keep the police report properly.

Third, the stupid CELCOM that makes me go to police station and court for 2nd time for the same reason!!!

They are ‘kind’ (or, stupid) enough to offer ‘40% discount’ for my bill. But this is definitely not my problem. I am not the one who use their service. Therefore I WILL NOT PAY A SINGLE CENT TO CELCOM!

When my friend came to know about this, she told me one of her friend experience the same situation with CELCOM. She said (via my Facebook):

Yea yea, u r not the first victim of stupid celcom. My friend’s stolen ic was used for celcom registration, end up with few hundred ringgit debt. So she show them d police report, thought case close. Mana tau after 2 years kena again! So hv to go police station print d report again… Not sure need to print how many times la.. I suggest u scan to pdf and flood celcom email with ur report.

How dare CELCOM ask me for money? Remember what the police said when I 1st made police report few years ago? It seems like this problem only happen to CELCOM. CELCOM should check their agents and workers’ credibility.

With CELCOM agents who can easily access and abuse customers’ personal details/ IC…

Who knows what other scam they might engage with using our IC and personal details?

Who knows they don’t use customer’s IC and details to get loan from Ah Long?


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  1. Friend, pity u….

    and Celcom really cannot be trusted,,, TM is just the same. No wonder you see why they have high profit. They conned people in this unethical way. “Sheet” big time to them la….

  2. holaBola Says:

    just be a smart consumer then you wont be cheated! its not celcom fault, usually the problem is dealer. i and some of my fren, and my family members too using celcom postpaid, no problem.. almost 5 years already.

    if u didn’t interested to use celcom, then why u give them your ic and filling up all the form. becoz when you sign an agreement with celcom, mean you agree to be charged by them. wether u take or not the simcard is your problem and they didn’t care. please remember postpaid plan always come with minimum comitment fee every month, so even u didn’t use it at all u still be charge every month..

    conclusion, your faults..

  3. sanjiun Says:


    Nobody wants to be cheated. Furthurmore, cheated by a big telco company like this. There is problem with this dealer – no doubt. This dealer is dishonest.

    U said if I’m not interested in CELCOM, why i want to sign up. Yes. I WAS interested to use CELCOM. But after what the dealer did to me. I HAVE NO MORE INTEREST.

    When I plan to signup with TM back then, there is not much choices like now. So I opt for good deal (cheap) that is affordable for student. And there is this TM advertisement, that’s y I plan to sign up TM.

    They ask for my IC to sign me up. THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS WAS EXACTLY LIKE WHAT WAS TOLD IN ADVERTISEMENT. But after everything done, the dealer told me I HAVE TO PAY. I REFUSE (as a wise customer) ON THE SPOT. They return the photocopy of my IC (togather with my IC). But Who knows HOW MANY COPIES they xerox? And how can I know he STILL SUBMIT THE FORMS AND DETAILS even though I refuse? I can’t control that if they want to cheat me (or maybe they did that purposely to cheat the customer, and there are other victims as well).

    There are many cases of such fraud of dealer I’ve heard. The policewomen also said so. All with CELCOM.

    And how about the staff at CELCOM who misplaced the police report and court’s surat sumpah? Definitely NOT MY FAULT!!! I can’t control what happen after I hand over to CELCOM staff. I now learn my lesson. Next time when I re-submit the police report and surat sumpah, I’ll make sure the staff in-charge to sign on it “Diterima Oleh XXX” and give me another photocopy of the document.

    CELCOM really need to check with their problematic staff and dealers.

  4. epool86 Says:

    pity on you..

    but me and my family members, and also my fren never had any bad experience like this with celcom.

  5. TM Net noting to do with handphone service !

    U are talking about TM Touch 013 after TM take over MRCB Emartel but before TM/TMTOUCH take over Celcom ” A TRI Company”. Errr what year is that ?

  6. sanjiun Says:


    Maybe you are the lucky one. I’ve met a dishonest dealer at first and my documents MISPLACED by staff at the service center. I tried to e-mail them so many times. But no reply till now.
    I am a MAXIS user for years. 2002 till now. MAXIS might not be perfect, but their reply and response were fast. This is something I like about MAXIS. They know what is “customer service”.

    dvd bagus,

    You’re correct, it was TM touch 013. Around 2002, it was still TM touch. but soon after that, CELCOM took over TM touch. The police reports and surat sumpah were handed in to CELCOM service center.

  7. I feel sorry for you. Anyway, this is a good lesson for us all. I never trusted and never will sign up for any plans (be it telco, broadband, credit card) during road shows or those agents prying for customers in the shopping complex. I would rather go to the HQ/brach to apply whatever services I want for I feel much more secure.

  8. sanjiun Says:

    Ya, i guess we all really need to learn a lesson. But not everywhere has their branch/service center.

    Sadly, still no reply from CELCOM till today after I send 2 e-mails to them. I was wondering if the e-maill address on CELCOM website is just a fake one!!

  9. Hello to all,
    My mom received a reminder for overdue payment of RM800++. She had never used or applied for any postpaid phoneline from any provider before, only prepaid used in the recent 3~4 years. The overdue amount was dated year 1997. We’ve never received any of the said bill before……….
    guess i’ll have to run her down to the police station and court this week!!! pity me

  10. sanjiun Says:

    Wai Yoke,

    RM800+++??? Wow, this is really serious.

    I’ve heard many cases like this, only with Celcom. I wonder if this is really Celcom problem?

    I wrote 2 letters to Celcom. But NO REPLY TILL NOW. It has been almost half a month. No reply, not even notifying me that they will look into it, or did they receive my complaint. NOTHING!!!! Looks like they are not serious at all to solve a scam like this. I guess I need to send a letter to The Star or Sin Chew.

    Good luck to you and please dun forget to photocopy as many copies as possible. Coz there is a possibility Celcom staff can misplace your police report and other doc.

  11. Hi . I am facing a Celcom scam case as well. Could you please let me know where can i get the ‘surat sumpah’? Thank you.

  12. Zee, go to any (i guess so) magistrate court near you. Ask the counter/office if they have pesuruhjaya sumpah for you to make a surat sumpah. Show them the info u get from Telco company (such as how much u owe them, what phone no was registered under ur name etc.)

    If they have a pesuruhjaya sumpah, they’ll let u fill a form. Write down all the necessary details. Saying that ur info has been abused to register such number etc etc. After that, pesuruhjaya sumpah will verify and sign.

    Photcopy as many copies as u can. Celcom has the tendency to misplace the forms/police reports/surat sumpah.

  13. thank you very much for your help. sigh . this is really troublesome.

  14. I am facing the same problem with you. The story is in 2003 and now I found out that it has not been settled by TMTouch. Anyway, I have forwarded all particulars but I am told by the counter lady that I will be sued by CELCOM because my case is not fraud because my signature is the same with my own now. Wah! easy money for them, and that is the whole reason why I did not want to settle the bills because I felt cheated by the agents who promised us a lot of things which is different from what they really did.

    What are your suggestion?

  15. Jessica, I can’t tell u WHAT to do since my case still not settle. Looking at your case, I guess most probably I might end up in the same situation like u.

    If the same thing is going to happen to me, I’ll get a lawyer. Someone also suggested me to get help from any member of Parliament if the case still not settle. Good luck, to both of us.

  16. VictIm Too Says:

    I very agree with all of you..Celcom is really stupid, especially their agent.. I was a victim too. The agent told me the registration is free, no charge for first month. I wondered that was a fraud after i’d received the first bill. Since i’d terminate the line for many years already, but they still not clear yet my name from the blacklist just because of the last bill( I never receive such bill!!). And even, their system is really really SUCK!!! Why must we go to the branch and get the release letter just can clear our name from the blacklist?!! their system couldn’t update automatically.

  17. I was thinking… can this article and comments stand as a proof to show that how INSECURE Celcom is?
    Maybe MCMC should stop asking MalaysiaKini to take down whatever video and concentrate to investigate Celcom fraud and dishonest/corrupted Celcom staff who abuse our personal details?
    Or, should MACC also check on the background of those Celcom staff working inside Celcom?

    Please, guys… Share your experience here. Let the comments thread grow…

  18. I couldn’t agree more with all of you. I was a victim of a pick-pocket back in yr 1999 and my IC was used to fradulently register for Celcom and Maxis service. It took me more than 2 years to get my name clear under Maxis, because Maxis’s customer service is just as bad, they lost my police report and surat sumpah twice over a consecutive period of 24 months! With the help of my friend who works in Maxis, I obtained the Head of Customer Service’s email and communicated my frustration to him. Within 24 hours, I’ve gotten apologies call from almost each and every division of Maxis. I need to pursue to clear my name with Celcom now, given that I need to obtain a home loan very soon. Fingers crossed that everything will be smooth (i doubt it though). Anyway, I think complaining to MCMC will be my next step if Celcom is inefficient in clearing the blacklist within the next 3 months!

  19. somebody use my IC to apply registered 019 number.it was since 2006 i made police report and fraudulent report to celcom head branch..till then i thought the case was settled..last year, 2008, i found back my name still kept blacklisted and amount needed to pay to celcom still exist with celcom..so sad with this.after long time busy in busy i made a fraudulent complaint again in late April 2009 then they asked to wait in 3 months..after 4 month i go back to celcom and asked for the status..they do nothing to my report and they ask me to fill a new form..shit!!! i refused and i asked them to check bak my previous report then they asked me to come back later after raya..by this week i will come back to celcom to try again..if still simmilar ansewr from them i will head to MCMC..

  20. its like celcom ppl are hiring ppl to rob and get registered to stupid celcom.

    yea.. it was last yr that i registered to celcom 1+5 postpaid plan. i was happily using its free service(3g,sms,voice call) among the few users. Then now they are PUTTING A LIMIT ONTO THIS. No more unlimited free usage. My bill usually can hardly exceed RM30. But until recently, i was charged RM350 plus and my other fren got charged RM270. It’s like they plan to do this in the 1st place. TO CHEAT.

  21. I signed up the 1+5 postpaid plan as well june this year. Less than 6 months, it change plan. my bill for main line always is ard rm50 to RM60 and supp line is usually rm20, coz supp line usage mainly is to call main line. the first month after it change plan, the supp line bill become rm250 as it exceeded the free limit. We are not aware on the usage coz we know the credit limit for the supp line is RM100 and thinking if chargeable usage exceed than the credit limit, celcom will barr the line and does not allow outgoing calls. But we r wrong, it only barr the line when the bill is out… AM WONDERING IS IT CELCOM DO NOT HAVE UPDATED SYSTEM? AND WHAT IS THE USAGE OF SETTING UP THE CREDIT LIMIT AT? CAN CELCOM EXPLAIN??

  22. dude, u juz gt lucky to hv juz RM300+, i gt RM600+ man, two accounts at the same time, those bloody idiot agents tat told me dey’ll terminate my broadband connection without further notice if i delay my payment, instead of barred me and keep charging me(even if i don’t get the fu*king services), now they sent a lawyer letter to me, wan me to pay for their bloody mistake, whr da fu*k is just, as i recall, their agents can’t be traced as dey hire free agents, means no contract, you sell 1 broadband and a line u get RM80+ for commission, no contract, means there’s no prove of their existance representing celcom, frauds happen everywhere, and dey get away with it, dey’re a big corp. hv dozens of law advisor behind the curtain, we’re juz civilians, we don’t take law courses, once again, we’re at downside( i mean like 1 hell of a landslide) situation…

  23. Just discover Celcom dealer abused my ic copy to register 7 numbers to my account with unpaid bill amounting to RM 1K+! Have to go to all the trouble of making police report & letter of oath.
    Upon inquiring when can my account be cleared of the blacklist, I was told to wait for ONE BLOODY YEAR! Reason – they have so many fraud cases to settled and I have to wait my turn! And for that one year I could not register with any telco! F*#@! Celcom! Before that I was with Maxis for 5 years with no such problems what so ever. The policeman & the lawyer I attended to did comment that this problem is most common with Celcom & Digi…not Maxis! It seems that I/we were penalized for their inefficiency. I think we should do something to stopped this ‘abused’ by the telco. Any idea? I am really angry!!!!

  24. it’s like that de la, in tis country we pay for other’s mistakes, i went 2 deal wif da celcom manager n when i asked him am i gonna pay for your mistake, he said this is da policy, u hv 2 pay whether u lik it anot, if dun wan pay is ur choice, when penalty is given i hv to pay even more, tis is obviously a crime, dey r forcing us, robbing our money… celcom is a suck company, might as well bring da whole damn company down.. we shud all hv a petition against tat blood sucker company, and we cant rely on government oso, if dey r efficient, tis kind of problems would’ve been stopped

  25. The least we can do for the moment is to report to MCMC through their web site. Do google MCMC & you will find a tab for the public to submit any complaint. I’ve done mine, & will see what reaction from them.

    Lets work together to highlight this ‘white collar cheat & robbery’ Thanks 2 all.

  26. mcmc oso useless, i mailed dem bt dey dun care da shit bout me, no reply at all..

  27. I’ve also being thinking of engaging a lawyer, but did’nt quite know how & afraid of the charges/cost. Also whether it is worth the effort.

    I still ‘burning inside’ thinking about what Celcom did to us.

    Thanks Chase 4 D respond.

  28. welcome… i personally thinks that power of 1 still not enough, 1st we have to gather all the victims of celcom, make a strategic plan, and strike them with full effective blast, that way our effort won’t gone waste, we must make sure that celcom pays for their mistake and give us a full redemption in all ways…

  29. oh didnt know there so many victims here. Well, my parent got called from Celcom demanding outstanding amount to celcom. Things is they never use 013/019 in their life. That Celcom people say if we dun pay, they will take further action. So now we’re waiting for their letter.
    Wanna ask, if we dun pay, we get blacklist, we can’t open account with other tel co ? What about existing a/c eg: digi, maxis ?

  30. Simonne, they have been telling me the same thing since the 1st time I got their letter.

    But yes. If u r blacklisted, u can register in other telco service. That’s how I found out that CELCOM staff lost my details (police report and surat sumpah) when I wanna register Celcom Broadband. After so many years, then only they inform me my case not settled.
    But anyway, I already a loyal Maxis user. And has been using Maxis since I was in Univ.

  31. Guess what. A day after I submit report to MCMC (through their public complaint web site, their officer call me to inquire further details & promised to take action. We’ll will see what’s next. They also informed me that it is wrong of Celcom to blacklist the customer due to their negligence.
    So I recommended that anybody with any problem with any telco to access the MCMC web site & submit the report. They will specifically assign one of their officer to any complain submitted & their boss gave them deadline to solve the problem.

  32. Further update to my earlier post. Celcom contacted me after MCMC contacted them on my report. But Celcom being Celcom, they seem to misplaced my report! My gosh! Such lackadaisical treatment to their customer.
    BTW, my point here, MCMC seems to be very efficient for the moment. So do make a report to them pertaining to any problem unresolved from any telco.

  33. I one of the victim too…I have prepared the police report & the letter of oath. BUT, the complaint form from Celcom branch required copy of IC, birth cert. & utility bill. Are you all provide the same documents to Celcom? Please advice. Thanks in advance.

  34. Azureen Says:

    On 4th March 2010, I got a text from Celcom saying that my bill of RM58.85 will be due in 5 days. Later on that night, I discovered that my line has been barred. I called Celcom Careline 1111 to know the amount that I have to pay, and the “robot” said Rm 58.85. After making payment via Maybank2u at 12.41am, I called Celcom Careline to give my reference number so that my line can be activated. To my surprise, the operator said my line cannot be activated because I have not paid another RM 290. I had no idea of that RM 290 because I was only told to pay RM 58.85, and that was it. So on 12.56 am, I maid another payment of RM290. Once payment had been made, every thing was fine at first. When I wanted to send a message at about 1+ pm, I discovered my line has been barred again. So I phone Celcom Careline at about 1.30-1.40 pm and the moody operator said there is nothing Celcom can do because the system is like that, I’ll just have to wait. I got pissed off upon hearing it. Two seconds after the conversation with the moody operator ended, my inbox was flooded withAN messages from Celcom ‘ WELCOME TO CELCOM 3G! bla bla bla’ and I RECEIVED MORE THAN 120 SMS…OF THE SAME MESSAGE. Even if Celcom Careline is really annoyed with the customers, who give you the right to show disrespect to your customers by spamming their inbox? WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS? I had to switch off my phone for a while because I kept on receiving the same SMS non-stop. So I called Celcom Careline again, asking them to activate my line and stop spamming my inbox. The operator did admit that she saw the incoming sms, and just like the moody operator, she cannot do anything.

    I had a meeting at Tangkak at 4.30, and I had to rush to my office to phone the Celcom Headquarters to activate my because there is no way I will go to Tangkak with my line being barred. At 2.20 I tried to contact the headquarters but to no avail, this had been going on for 15 minutes, when a lady finally picked up the phone. When I said I would like to talk to the manager/boss, she said “hold on” and at the end, the line got engaged. I called Celcom Careline again at about 2.45 pm, and the operator told me to fax the receipts as proof of payment to this particular number, and she asked me to call Celcom Careline again to inform them that I’ve faxed it. I agreed to her request and at the same time persuaded her to jot down my reference numbers as proof of payment BUT SHE REFUSED.

    I was rushing. I needed to go by 3 pm otherwise I will be late for the meeting. So I asked my staff to fax it and I straight away drove to Tangkak. 10 minutes later my staff called me saying that he had faxed the receipts. So as instructed, I called Celcom Careline to inform them that I have faxed it. Suddenly the operator said, I MUST GIVE THE FAX NUMBER. If I was told that they might need the fax number in the future, I might have saved it in my phone before I left the office. But NO, Celcom only told me to phone them to inform them that I have faxed the receipts. Now I was driving to Tangkak, and AGAIN CELCOM COULD NOT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE CELCOM DID NOT KNOW THE FAX NUMBER. AND THE BEST PART, THE CONVERSATION ENDED OUT OF SUDDEN!

    After the meeting, and once I got back home, at about 8.10 I called Celcom Careline asking, begging, them to activate my line, , and the operator transferred me to the department which could release the line, but the conversation never happened, and I had to call back 1111 and started all over again, AND THIS OCCURED FOR MORE THAN FIVE TIMES.

    And FINALLY, I managed to talk to the operator in the ‘release department’ and she said my line will be released/activated within 3 hours. And when I asked how to lodge a complain, she suggested me to mail to careline@celcom.com.my, and when I said I have sent a mail at midnight and still got no reply, she said she will transfer me to another ‘department’ and as expected, the conversation never happened.

    I got so frustrated, pissed off, and annoyed with Celcom because
    1) I was not told of the exact amount that I have to pay. At first I had to pay RM58, then later only I was told to pay RM290. I could have just paid at one-go and THIS SHITTY INCIDENT WILL NOT HAPPEN IF I WAS INFORMED OF THE EXACT AMOUNT THAT I HAVE TO PAY.
    2) Dear operator, just because you are moody and you think the customer is annoying, that is not a valid reason to SPAM MY INBOX with the stupid Celcom SMS. The operator said it was the system that sent the sms non-stop, BUT WHO OPERATES THE SYSTEM, IF NOT YOUR BRAINLESS PEOPLE?
    3) I did pay, I did insist to give the reference numbers, instead YOU WANT ME TO FAX THEM, which I did, and later you told me you need the fax number so that you can know whether you have received the fax or not. I did not save the number in my phone because I did not expect them to make such stupid request, and when they did request, I was already driving, how can I call my staff to get the number if my line was barred? PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THIS GUINEA PIG TREATMENT TO THE CUSTOMERS, WE CUSTOMERS DO NOT DESERVE THIS!
    4) And even after all these nonsense and shitty things have happened, I still had to call the Careline for more than 5 times to be able to speak to those in the ‘release department’


    I have been your customer since donkey years and my monthly bills will definitely be more than RM300, and I pay my bills without fail, and CELCOM still give me this guinea pig treatment?

    Celcom is full of brainless people who are demotivated to work and are so very IT-illiterate. They only know to blame the system. I think Celcom should just remove the Customer Service from one of its services as it is useless and hopeless. I guess the people in Celcom, FROM TO BOTTOM, they just DO NOT CARE of their customers. Losing a customer like me will not make them go bankrupt, they will still earn more and more money every day. But God is fair, ONE DAY YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.


  35. sanjiun Says:

    @Air, I did gave them all the PERSONAL documents. But all the documents VANISHED INTO THIN AIR right inside their service center!!!! Who misplace them? Celcom staff? Ghost? It is very dangerous to misplace such information juz like tat. Who knows what celcom people might capable of? Using my birth cert to apply IC for illegal immigrant? Or use my photocopy of IC to borrow money fr Ah Long?

    @Azureen, sorry to hear your story. I wrote to their e-mail regarding this matter more then 6months ago. But till now I still don’t get any reply. So I don’t think you’ll get any reply…
    Yes, they are lousy service provider and they juz want MONEY!

  36. Hi, everyone…I’m an university student. I went to KL for an interview that day 15/3/2010. I was at KL Central that time, around 1pm, when i met this misfortune incident. Before I went down the stairs to take KTM, I was approachedby this guy, who claimed that he is a Celcom dealer. He told me that Celcom is giving out free Sim Cards for promotion. So I received one and walkd away. He stopped me for a while and asked me to give him a minute. He asked me to give some personal information for registration. Without suspect anything, I gave him my name, mum’s name, reference number and IC. I start to suspect something when he ask for my Digi number and also realising the sim card does not have any number on it. He told me the number is for them to send a comfirmation sms to me when the simcard is activated. After a few hours, I was told by my friend that this is a fraud, I went back to KL Central to find him again. He then told me that this is not what I think, they are really giving out free sim cards. I told him that I trust him and hope he is not foling around. He told me that it is real and once I got my number, I’ll thank him. So, I left KL. On Wednesday evening, I realised my Digi number had no signal anymore. First I thought it is Digi line failure, but I found out that the new Celcom sim card already has signals. I was shocked as I called other phone using my “new number”. my Digi number appeared. I was so angry as I called Celcom and they said they cannot do anything for me. They asked me to find solution from Digi and I called Digi. They as well, said only Celcom can do something because it’s their fault. So…is there any solution for this? I am frustrated because my Digi prepaid acount contains quite a lot of credit in it. As a student it means a lot to me. Another thing is the Celcom dealer did this fraud to other network service customers and Celcom doesn’t care? What options I have? Besdes going to the Celcom Centre, shall I go to the NCCC?

  37. YiLik1104 Says:

    Stupid CELCOM!!! They kept eating my credits. I have block their advertisement. and they keep eating my RM4. OMG!!! everytime my credit get less~~i used prepaid cos postpaid will be abused by CELCOM!!!

  38. @CT i got the same case as well feel so pissed now =(

  39. PISSED OFF BIG TIME! How dare Celcom only attend to my report after 4 #*!+ing months! And how dare they insists I need to submit all the report again!
    Irresposible @#+!ing telco!

  40. BTW. Why done we..the victims…join forces and maybe engage a lawyer or do sometime legal that will give a painful lesson to Celcom so as not to treat their customer/user for granted.
    Any taker? Any other suggestions? This ‘bullying’ by Celcom MUST BE STOPPED!

  41. BTW…do write a report to MCMC (google MCMC for the web site). They did respond to the complaint.

  42. Hi Eve,

    sorry to hear your case. guess what? your outstanding amount is much much lower than mine. I had the same issue with you where the fucker who uses my ID to register with Celcom leave me with the outstanding bill that cost me RM2,695.14!!!! and this registration was made in 15/6/1999 and i did not receive any notification or letters from celcom! i oni come to know about this today when i wanted to apply for maxis service! fuck celcom! i have not make any police report yet due to my busy schedule. do you have any advice for me on what should i do so that I can get my record cleared?


  43. Hi, I am a victim of celcom too. I just got to know about this early this month when I want to engage iPhone package with maxis. I was informed that I have outstanding bill with celcom and my application was rejected. I went to the celcom branch to find out what went wrong and I was shocked, the outstanding amount that I owe celcom was RM2,695.15, registered in year 15/06/1999!!! and I did not recognised the telephone number at all. Not even in my dream! I was ask to do the same thing, lodge police report, declaration of oath and bla bla bla… I have just submitted all the documents last friday dated 16/04/2010. The celcom customer service told me that this investigation will take 6 months, I was like WHAT??! after reading this blog, i quickly get them to acknowledge receipt the documents i submitted.

    Can anyone tell me what is the next step I should take based on the experience that you have? please advice.

  44. I’m googling for CELCOM new plan and by accident I found you blog. And thank God for your post coz its really gonna change my mind right now.
    Nway, I’m sorry for you. I think they should monitor more frequently on their agents and workers so that CELCOM wont get bad names after what those ppl made to you and others!

  45. help me!! i pay the celcom broadband using maybank2u but then when i check using their customer web, the web sais i didnt pay…. how????

  46. Cocomuffin Says:

    Oh my!! So many victims of Celcom!! I have the same case as CT except for I got the so called “free” SIM card at the bridge infront of Berjaya Times Square towards Sg Wang. I’m going to the Celcom branch tomorrow to settle (hopefully) this problem. Arghh!! Seriously, I think we all should get together to put a stop to this.

  47. Report to MCMC through their web site. They will respond. I faced the same problem and after 6 months still they have not settled my problem. Agree with Cocomuffin. Lets get together and do something. This MUST STOP!

  48. The same thing happened to me. As I wanted to register another account with MAXIS, the guy told me that I was blacklisted due to outstanding amount in Celcom. I was like WTF?? When I checked with Celcom, they said that back in 2002, I didnt pay an amount of RM500++. I told them that the bills were all settled before I closed the account and I even get the “surat pelepasan” back then. The customer service asked for the letter… Well… I told her it has been several years now and the letter is missing now (well after 8 years, who keep such letter anyway).

    After terminating the Celcom, I have registered 2 more accounts with Celcom without any problem. But now, Celcom said I am in debt.

    Celcom really sucks man… they are messing up with clients’ data and I dont know what the h*ll they are doing there….

    I wanted to terminate my 2 accounts with Celcom now and move on to MAXIS but I cannot transfer the number as Celcom will not release me from the blacklist… There is no way I am paying another RM500++ for their own mistakes….


  49. Celcom still continues to practice this everyday !!!! I’m victim in the same issue. Btw, my IC never get loose even never register or disclose any information with Celcom. I have just made the polis report by the polisman tell me this is very regularly happened in Celcom. Many friends also get the same letter just mention the number which we never get know by how much we still own to Celcom. Shit !!!

  50. walawei….. i oso dah kene.. some one’s dah use my IC applying for Max & Celcom….. WTF!… now, i pula yg kena sattlekan semua. Max is already 2 kali i submit but still not yet sattle… now i try again.. Celcom pula i’m not sure yet, i just try. they offer me 50% but, i won’t accept it even i have to pay only 10% bcoz i not sanggup to bear any cost for thing datz i x pernah buat. i hope my case will sattle n those yg slalu buat kerja terkutuk ini, your day will come. hope you all akan kena CANCER dan have to spend much much much much much money on that.. u all make other people susah already, and u all will terima akibat.

  51. guys.. let’s collaborate.. gather our resources together and send a petition letter directly to the prime minister himself.. celcom just suspended my account saying that i havent paid last month’s bill… seems like they didn’t bother to update our account….. make a special website dedicated for this thing…

  52. Celcom are cheaters. They will cheat you left and right if they have the chance. For example currently they are charging RM2 for your bill starting 1st August 2010 which they only announced the charge on July 2010. When they made the announcement it was at the back of the bill which is in small print stating that the customer will be charge RM2 each month for printed bill. To stop the bill you can subscribe to E-Billing which will be send to you through E-mail. It also states there in the bill that you can call careline to activate the E-Billing. BULL SHIT, you have to go the branch and only CELCOM BRANCH to activate the E-Billing. See how inconvenience Celcom are giving to their customer.

  53. hello my name cyrus, i was told have won Rm1000 Celcom Air Cash on 16th Sept 2010 by celcom staff, but till today my celcom air cash not enter yet the money. i have phone up the careline dan several times to celcom branch but no respond too. in the celcom computer have stated that i have won rm 1000 air cash. the limit only for 2 weeks to cash out but till now the money not enter yet. So what should i do then. cos if after 2 weeks that means the money gone

  54. Dudes, ladies and gentlemen….
    i was a victim of celcom fraud….
    i believe that, their agent are to be blamed for their misconducts…
    ahhh…to make the long story short, i complained to celcom careline and kdknkk.com (consumer claims tribunal)…
    i received an e-mail from kdknkk.com that they were mandated to respond in 7 working days….
    luckily, celcom responded and exactly at the seventh day, i can use my b.band… hahaha….
    u all, gudluck!

  55. Hell yeah now i’m the victim. I’ve terminated celcom broadband (data 90) in February 2009 due to the fact that i couldn’t connect to the internet for about 2 months! And I’ve wasted RM180! Called the celcom customer service so many times and they kept on saying that my line just ok, no problem. But why the f**k i can’t connect?? Settled all the debts (RM0.00 BALANCE), terminated the service, closed the account… And… Guess what? Last month i received a bill from celcom claiming that i have an outstanding balance of RM200!! F**k-Off!! I ignored it. Thought that celcom themselves will realize that they’ve made a mistake. But hell NO! This morning I received another bill together with a WARNING from their debt collector. I AM SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. If just the celcom is a person, I could’ve smack em in the face!! Stupid A$$#0&3 F**K#%G SH1T CELCOM!!!

  56. same thing happened to my sister…my father had to settle with the problem…while me & my friends deal with the agent….when he was going back from work…the lil thrash snake had it coming. for celcom agents who do these kinda sh!ts, please be reminded that there are some people that can’t resort on violence…and some …. well if you meet the 2nd “some” of people i think it’d be a really unlucky day for you… and some of you limbs..

  57. Same thing happen to me also. Celcom really cannot be trusted. F%^^&^$$#@#@#$#@

  58. let me tell u..
    digi same..not only celcom..
    i did the things u did..police station and surat sumpah..for three times..
    today morning i opened my letter box..then u know what happen again..

  59. Simon Loh Says:

    samething happen to me on celcom and digi, now i get blacklisted from 2 telco company. I’m using prepaid now cause already lazy to argue with them.

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